Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sketching artwork at a gallery

Took a much needed break, visited my boyfriend in Scotland. He was happy to see me, really.

Been sketching the Rossetti Triptych at the mcManus Gallery, whenever I visit I spend a lot of time starting at it.
I like how Rossetti is a master of classical form, his drapey is nothing short of genius and I know I could paint my whole life and not capture what he does, using the subtlest of brushstrokes he can suggest features, nay, expressions.
I noticed he elongates certain aspects of the body; like the hands. I kept having to mentally correct  myself sketching from them, to keep it more in line with his painting.

 Also managed to find my favourite sketching pencils; derwent sketching- in burns & harris. They've been sold out everywhere i looked at home, okay you could get fancy versions of them but I much prefer the original

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