Monday, November 26, 2012

Bah! Humbug Exhibition

It was a very wintery day this, driving over the hilly Cavan countryside to get to the Museum, and having to be home before dark as my mum came with me (first exhibition of mine she's been at this year)  and she is blind as a bat driving at night! 

The exhibition was Dickens themed. I really enjoyed seeing the other artist's new works, really it is always my favourite part of the group shows, to see others interpretation of a theme. 

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Beyond the catalogue, more images are available to view at

And some more news;
I have begun utilising my theatrical make up training, started a course three months ago. It is very like painting, you stand with brushes in hand building up colour gradually, contouring and adding lights for highlight and shadows.
There is as much stepping back with a face as a canvas as there is with an easel and oil paints!

Here are the reference shots for an upcoming portrait, I have been researching portraiture. Changing my style a little soon, hopefully If I can master the technical aspects of it;

Of course there are bunnies involved.

And dot was helping.

Art group has been a party of 2 lately, myself and Stuart. It's good though as I am getting to focus more on the technicalities of  painting than if I had a lot over although I do want to organise a night in soon with the girls.

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