Thursday, August 30, 2012

Invigilating & some commissions

Drew my 2 Rabbits, Brer & Magic whilst Invigilating at Rianta

It was nice to come home to a cuppa, some bear lollies & our pets.

Dot & Claudia

Gorgeous Sky on our walk home from my friends, We were watching her pets while she was on holiday
[and getting engaged : 0 ]

The next day I invigilated a trans-art cavan installation;

ever looking out for bunnies

myself and stuarts contribution to Sally O Dowd's tea house, i invigilated at this for a couple of days too- it is opening up again for culture night on 21st of September @ 61 College Street Cavan so get your bum down there for a chat and a cuppa x

I started on midnightbunny's commission of her 2 rabbits at my booth during the fleadh cheoil 2012.
[Btw -Her site is totally amazing and you should follow her if indeed you are a bunny person. ]

had to take a break here to visit the family farm

Petted my pug Lolita who my mum is minding.
While I was sitting with her, I worked on midnightbunny's & SmishyDot's commissions.

SmishyDot's 2 subject person & pet portrait of herself & her Rabbit Thane

midnightbunny's 2 subject pet portrait of her rabbits-Moon Pie and Mardi Gras

The finished results.
[I used Derwent Sketching Pencils (the one's with the 4mm core) on Ivory 8"x12" archival grade heavyweight paper for those who are interested]

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