Saturday, August 25, 2012

Limited edition Print run of Petit Trianon

My Prints of the series- 9 in total, are now available to purchase on Big Cartel & Etsy

Marie Antoinette contemplates her mortality, gazing at her shadow self over her shoulder.

Premium quality, archival lustre, limited edition print of ““All Cats are Grey” (2012) by Kim Annabella.

Edition of 50.

All prints are signed and numbered by the artist.

Original artwork was Exhibited at Rianta 2012. 

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Other sizes & formats available on request. Prints as large as 44x60 available. Digital fine art reproduction on archival quality art paper which is lightfast for 100 years.

"All Cats are Grey"

An Original Painting by Kim Annabella
Title;All Cats are Grey
Medium; Acrylic on Canvas
Height; 20”

From my Petit Trianon Series, this Original Painting is a work from it.
Please note this is for a print of the Original Painting.


Absorbing historian Antonia Fraser’s biographical tales of a child- princess in “Marie Antoinette” and adding her own dash of art-historical figuration and contemporary pop culture, Kim Annabella broaches new terrain with “Petit Trianon.” “Baroque Sumptuousness” might hint at the nature of this new work, and fans of Kim Annabella shall find familiar preoccupations-Dreamy girls lounging in repose in nature, surrounded by animals & sugary confections- in these new paintings, transposed to greener pastures.

Never reticent to deliver her work with layers of reference that range from Baroque & Gothic Revialist landscape and Eighteenth century French court painting to Eighties post-punk music, in her latest paintings Kim Annabella combines the extravagance and frivolity of a popular royal with her artistic vision as ground from which to make her carefully executed leaps into a fantasy world based on the teenaged queen with as many detractors as admirers.
My portfolio of work can be viewed on & my Art Process can be viewed indepth on the blog of the same name

Commissions always welcome.

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